evange999 (evange999) wrote,

sleep deprived

i recently met a Mistress who may be the most cruel Mistress and Person i have ever know. On Saturday (almost 96hrs ago) She advised me i would not be allowed to sleep for a while. i had no idea what She was talking about but now i do. She has arranged for various people to email me, call me, even had a couple people knocking on my door at different times of the day and night. Basically, i am required to answer and respond to any and all contacts (Mistress gave them a code to present to me so i know they are part of this). Each contact has been instructed to give me certain tasks or punishments. These must be completed and the response sent to Mistress within a certain amount of time. Each minute a task it late costs me $5. Even posting on this blog today. Which I have one minute left to complete this posting and advise Mistress it is done. it is getting harder and harder to concentrate. she has managed to keep me absolutely busy and awake now for over 90 hours. i do not believe i have fallen asleep but several tasks have been late. So far She has taken $200 for tardiness. Plus another $500 during various tasks. All I can say is if any Mistress really wants to mess a slave up--put them thru this sort of assignment--it is awful and i have no idea when it will be over. My mind is mush and needs sleep so badly....
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