evange999 (evange999) wrote,

A day of work and kneeling for Mistress Concetta

my existence has quickly become nothing but working and serving Mistress Concetta. Today i got up, went to work, ran an errand for Mistress, and then kneeled down in front of my computer to await Mistress Concetta.

A note on the errand: As i mentioned yesterday, i significantly messed up and displeased Mistress Concetta. To atone for this She instructed me to sell all my DVD's. Since this was an insufficient amount for Mistress i also sold my watch.

i then returned home and kneeled before my computer awaiting Mistress Concetta. i spent about an hour just waiting with no instruction or purpose in my life. Mistress Concetta came online and almost immediately started messing with me even more. While chatting i mentioned i had a chastity tube (made out of a metal tube with a handcuff type attachment) and that i also had hand and ankle cuffs.

Mistress Concetta immediately instructed to wear the chastity device--so there is no suspension it is still on--and then started to inquiry into what other items i had that i could sell. As i have almost nothing of value Mistress Concetta was kind enough to make me see my television. She clearly instructed me not to unlock myself and to immediately go and sell it. And then send Her the money and report back. She gave me almost 2 hours to complete this task.

Well i get to the pawn shop, and the metal detector goes off. The two doors (me between them) lock and i am standing there with a TV in my hands. They came in and after a quick search determined it wasn't a gun or weapon. They also found out exactly what it was. What absolute shame and humiliation i felt. On top of all that, i had to give them my id for verification when i sold the TV!!!!

i took the money from the DVD's, my watch, and the TV and immediately sent it to Mistress Concetta. i then returned home, put on the handcuffs and ankle cuffs, and kneeled down to wait for Goddess again. When She checked on me i had already worked 6hours and kneeled for nearly 4 hours. As i have no money for food i was starting to get a bit lit-headed.

Mistress Concetta came gave me some instructions and then went shopping. Denying me permission to stand up for a bit or do anything but the assigned tasks and wait for Her. She came back about 2 hours later, checked on me, gave me a couple of instructions, and then took a shower while i continued to kneel in bondage in front of my computer trying to complete the tasks.

When She got out of the shower, Mistress Concetta simply instructed me to post on my blog now and then left. So here i am, still locked up, very frustrated, on my knees, complying with Mistress Concetta's orders. It is 6:26 pm where i am which means i have been on my knees for nearly 8 hours and up for nearly 16hours--after only a couple hours of sleep last night. Continuing to work on the assigned tasks and waiting for Goddess to return and relieve me. Goddess please don't keep kneeling all night--i am going to pass out.
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