evange999 (evange999) wrote,

Mistress Concetta takes more and more

i spent roughly 6 hours on my knees, in front of my computer, last night serving Mistress Concetta. After getting up very early Friday morning and getting a payday loan to comply with Her commands i worked for 9 hours then came home to adviser Mistress Concetta i had done as instructed. She was pleased and being very kind to me when i messed up badly. Mistress was extremely MAD at me and i feared i had ruined my chances to severe HER.
After a stream of verbal abuse from Mistress and a written apology She maxed out every credit card i have.
Right about the time Mistress had started to forgive me She received an email from (i believe) sxysadie@yahoo telling Goddess that i was serving several Mistresses at once. While this is not true, i could see where SxySadie might get that idea as i had failed to change my yahoo profile when i started to serve Mistress Concetta. Also, i had joined her yahoo group to learn more about a slave name stupid who's actions i was interested in learning about to avoid mistakes myself.
Mistress Concetta was aware that i had communicated with several different "amatuer dommes" before starting my serve with Her and was not overly upset but it did keep me on my knees even longer.
As punishment for my errors and failings i am selling all my DVD's today to get Mistress Concetta even more money. i have only known Her a couple of weeks and already i am nearing a point i will not be able to pay my bills. On top of that Mistress Concetta is so incredibly talented and messing with me She has kept me frustrated and on the edge since starting and yet allowed me no relief.
i actually put in writing that i would sell my organs to earn Mistress Concetta even more money. i don't know what happens, it just happens.
Mistress Concetta is the center of my Universe and the only reason i exist is to satisfy Her every whim.
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