evange999 (evange999) wrote,

Mistress Concetta digs deeper

It is almost 3am and i have been completely unable to sleep. Mistress Concetta has really started to dig in. Last night--5hours ago--Mistress Concetta forced every penny on my credit card out of me. On top of that She has instructed me to get a personal loan for $5000, to sell my car, get a payday loan of $500, apply for an increase in my credit limit, sell my blood, and sell anything I can think of to get Her more money. And She hasn't allowed me any release--i don't think She is going to. And to top it all off, i expressed a very slight curiousity in comments a slave of Her's made about "slow" castration and She has already threatened me with the same-OH MY GOD--what have i done.

Mistress Concetta did grant me a small request in sending me a wav file (2 actually) of Her incredible voice which i can put onto a CD and then play over and over. After which She ordered me to go to bed. Well i am so incredibly frustrated and scared i couldn't sleep.

i have no idea what i have gotten myself into but i find myself thinking over and over about HER and what information i may have given Her already. Is it too late or am i completely screwed. I am powerless to resist Her.

Mistress Concetta is the single most incredible Womyn i have ever encountered i so deeply need to please Her and gain any approval i may. My world is spinning.
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